How not to run a 10k

I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure one of the fundamental rules of running is to stay upright. So guess who ended up face down on the path? And how did you do that, I hear you ask. Well, I was watching two guys tackling each other on the football pitch the course ran through and thinking hmm, that football’s a bit too close for my liking, hope it doesn’t come onto the path and trip me up when – oh yes – as soon as I thought na, it’s ok, it’s nowhere near me, the bastard thing is there under my feet and sends me flying. Waa!!!!!

Look, I’ve got injuries, here’s my injured elbow:
And here’s me checking out my injured knee:

But being the brave little soldier I am, after I’d stopped crying like a complete wuss, I thanked the three girls who picked me up and swore at the footballers on my behalf, and carried on (hoping my mascara hadn’t run, in true vain girly stylee). And I even carried on to beat my target time of 1 hour 10 minutes and finished in 1 hour 8 minutes, woo, go me!

Why are my races always disasters? First I’m injured after the Crisis 3.5 miler and unable to hardly walk, let alone run, for 2 months; then I go the wrong way at the Savitri 5k and now I’ve been attacked by a football. Grr. What’s going to happen next time? I’m not sure I want to know.

Still, apart from that minor detail, it was a great day. The weather was lovely and me and my friends went for pizza afterwards. And as my hangover can testify, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in the pub. Me and Gary ended up in our ex-local pub that we used to drink in and get £1 a pint back in 1993 and had a game of pool and bet pizza like we used to (although that was in the days when we were poor and our limited finances only stretched to frozen pizza from Somerfield) and I won, hurrah! Although I only won because he potted the black and not, unfortunately, because I thrashed him with my outstanding pool playing abilities.

Bathroom update:
Work has started on my bathroom. I have a room with a toilet in it now, but no bath, sink, tiles or floor. It’s exciting. Yes, I’m that sad. I said to the bathroom fitter man this morning, when I come home tonight, will I have a new toilet. He said yes. I said ooh, that’s exciting although probably not to you as you see new toilets every day. He didn’t disagree with me. He didn’t think much of my tea making skills though as he left the tea I made him but had made himself another one. Ho hum.

Miles: 6.30
Total time: 1:08:41
Average pace: 10:53 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.5mph
Max speed: 7.1mph
Total calories: 622
Weather: 64F
Footballs trying to scupper my chances of finishing: 1
New toilets: 1


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