B&Q bathroom installation – day 17

Alan the plumber arrives at 8:30ish with his young plumber’s mate and apologises for being late. I say are you going to install the bath today? He says yes. Hurrah. I say can you phone me when it’s done? He says don’t you want it to be a surprise? Oi matey, cut out the wisecracks, I want a plumber, not a comedian. No I don’t want it to be a surprise, I’ve been without a bath for three weeks. I say do you still have my phone number or shall I write it down again? He says he has it in his van.

Fingers crossed then (again).

Alan at B&Q rings me at 3:15 and asks if the plumber turned up today. I say he did and he was going to ring me when he’d installed the bath but he hasn’t yet.

Alan asks if they said anything about finishing the job. I say no but I’ll wait and see if I’ve got a bath before I worry about anything else. He says he’ll ring the fitters and see if they know anything.

I don’t think they know anything at all. I’m surprised they even know how to get out of bed in the morning.

Update #2
Alan the plumber rings at 4 and says the bath’s been installed. Hallellujah! He says when I get home I’ll see that it’s full of water and silicon’s been applied. The silicon might still be wet so best to leave it ’til about 8 before I use it. He also says that he’s put the pop up waste in the sink and made good the wall.

At 4:15 I ring the installation centre to see if anyone’s coming tomorrow to start on finishing the work. Jackie answers the phone and says oh yes, as soon as work has started, it carries on until it’s finished. Yeah right. I say but because there’s been delays, there might not be anyone booked to come round. She says she’ll find out and get back to me.

Jackie rings back at 4:45 and says the fitters are going to ring me this evening to sort out the rest of the work and she’ll ring me tomorrow to make sure they did ring.


I get home and Alan has indeed installed the bath. Look, taps, woo hoo:

And my cat is very impressed with her new water bowl:

But somehow the fuckwit has managed to tear a hole in the kitchen floor:

Bloody hell, can’t they do anything right, ever?!!! For f**ks sake, to say I’m annoyed is an understatement, bet they deny doing it too but when I left for work this morning I didn’t have a kitchen floor with a hole in it.




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