Monthly Archives: January 2009

Um, a two mile walk is the same as a six mile run, right?

I have too much sleep and get up knackered and I think why am I knackered, I haven’t had a… Continue reading »

Oh, so THAT’S what the hairdryers are for?!

I get an early night and get up full of beans (well, I am a vegetarian) with my fake sunrise… Continue reading »

It rubs off, doesn’t it?

When I get to the station this morning, as the train is pulling into the platform, I go to take… Continue reading »

Blame it on the mushroom soup

Because I am such a self-disciplined and highly motivated individual, I duly trot off back to the gym after work… Continue reading »

Rebel with a treadmill

Today’s attempt at half marathon training called for 3.5 miles and I think shall I get the train half way… Continue reading »

Three years as an ex-smoker

I didn’t slack on New Year’s Day, I ran.  I just slacked on the blogging bit and although I’m aware… Continue reading »

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