Vivisectionists need not apply

You all know I’m a veggie. If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook or are following me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me ranting about Race for Life and Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK are vivisectionists. If you raise any money for them, you are funding animal experimentation.

So stop it.

Run as many Race for Lifes as you like, I don’t care. I’ve done a few of them myself. The race entry only goes towards directors’ salaries, admin fees and those tacky medals you get at the end. My conscience got the better of me eventually and now my efforts no longer go on running approximately 5k whilst dodging a load of pink-angel-wing-wearing fat women walking really slowly, but towards letting everyone know how much I hate Cancer Research UK.

There are alternative cancer charities. Lots of them. If you have a look at this list, you’ll find them. This list will also let you know if your chosen charity is an ethical one or not. If not, choose one that is.

And PR/marketing people, if you’re emailing me to ask if I’ll promote a charity that conducts or funds animal testing, do one.


  • Would it be completely Noddy of me to think (on cursory glance) that those charities that do not condone or conduct animal research are those that just don’t do research?

    It seems as though there is a very long way to go until the alternatives to animal testing in this arena are widespread. I imagine that there will almost always be some occasions when something is deemed too risky to be given to a human and so will be tested on animals (and I’m aware I’m not talking about vivisection per se).

    All of the cancer charities I knew of condone it and I’m aware that smaller charities don’t have the clout of the larger ones to perhaps make the same headway in other areas and for that reason I’m not sure I would choose a much smaller charity, even though I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years.

    I’m not sayng I disagree with you, just that for me it’s not an easy or clear cut decision to make.

  • I didnt know that. Thanks. I think thats important information . I am relieved to find my chosen charity The British Lung Foundation on the list.

  • Choosing not to eat meat is great isn’t it. Choosing not to get cancer? Choosing not to get treatment because you don’t like animal testing – well, good luck with that one. But you won’t choose that will you.

    • You’ve missed my point. My point is that there is a choice of charities to give your money to. There are plenty of cancer charities that don’t test on animals. I know who I choose to give my money to.

  • Firstly lol @ categories: rants! I would not even class this is a rant I think it’s useful info.
    The most terrifying thing to me is the thought of vivisection without anesthetic. Furthermore seeing as animals cannot give consent, there are plenty of criminals locked up in prisons, might as well vivisect on them – how’s that for a crime deterrent?!
    A lady said to me today that she is against vivi’ but when her mom got cancer she wouldn’t care how many animals it takes to cut up she’d just want her mom. I see her point and I know it happens but all I can do is say god forbid any disease on (good) people. In all honesty though, I thought to myself it’s not up to humans to take life. If an animal gets cancer it gets put down – they don’t vivi’ useless humans of which there are plenty. Don’t mean to stray from the topic… I honestly also thought to myself as the woman spoke that well you believe in God and your God did this to your mom, if he intended for an animal to die he would give it to the animal. It’s not up to humans to murder – I would only excuse it for meat eating as that is what humans have canines for to be fair. I could go on but I’ll probably stray from topic again. Thanks all for your input.
    Thanks too for your list of ethical charities – I will check it out.

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