Janathon Day 2–Rowing with a 5ft smiley for company

I don’t know if a conservatory is still a conservatory if you* put a proper ceiling on it, but anyway, the conservatory now has a proper ceiling on it which means it’s warm enough to use all year now. And what do you do when you* decorate the conservatory in your** 18th Century Grade II Listed house? That’s right, you* paint a five foot smiley on the ceiling.


(Excuse the mess, it hasn’t been tidied up yet.)

Anyway, the smiley room is where the rowing machine lives and as I couldn’t be arsed to leave the house, the rowing machine is what I did for today’s Janathon.

Conservatories with proper ceilings on: 1
5ft smileys on the ceiling: 1
Rowing machine: 20 minutes



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