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I’ve been looking for a new TV for the conservatory and been getting mightily confused by all the different types. I wanted one I can access the internet on for iPlayer, Lovefilm, etc. but have discovered I can plug my Kindle Fire into my unsmart TV which works a treat and I can watch repeats of The Great British Bake Off to my little heart’s content.

Anyway, here’s a guest post about digital TV.


With digital television being phased in all over the UK by the end of 2012, telecommunications providers are now offering packages which incorporate internet and telephone services with TV. TV is of super-high quality and there are scores of channels to pick from.

Channels cater for a wide variety of personal interests and hobbies so you can always find something to watch that reflects your taste. If you are out one night (at a fitness class for example), you can record that special programme that you would otherwise miss.

All of these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.

Digital TV in a nutshell

You have it streamed, beamed or transmitted into your home, but what exactly is it?

Put simply, digital TV is the same as the service we all know and love but packaged in a digital format. This allows for high-quality sound and images plus the facility to access archived videos and programmes. Typical TV Packages offer broadband along with a digital television option. These usually include access to scores of sports channels, seven-day catch up TV and a huge array of TV and radio stations.

The advantages which digital TV has over its analogue counterpart are numerous. It isn’t just a matter of quality and choice. Now viewers can interact with TV in order to access additional information via on-screen menus. Some providers even allow viewers to browse the internet via their TV screen.

The options

There are several types of digital TV, each with special features. Digital terrestrial is the name of the service used by viewers who are upgrading from analogue through the simple installation of a box like the popular Freeview. This device is installed on their existing aerial and can be purchased on the high street with a one-off payment and no follow-up bills.

BT customers can receive digital TV via their telephone lines, they can also enjoy the advantages of Fibre optic internet and television. Fibre optics are tiny glass wires bundled into a cable along which high-quality signals are sent.

Digital satellite TV is available for viewers who have a dish installed. TV arrives via signals sent from a satellite, which is convenient as you can be located anywhere and usually get a good transmission.

Internet protocol television uses a broadband connection to send digital TV into homes. With this service, subscribers can access archived content or employ a box device which enables broadcast.

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