Juneathon 2014 – Days 29 and 30 – Diseased With Juneathonitis

As is usual for a Sunday, my exercise was a walk to Tesco and back. But guess what I did on the last day? On the last day, I was diagnosed with Juneathonitis. Okay, so the word the doctor used was shingles, not Juneathonitis, but he said it can be brought on by physical exertion so I’m diagnosing myself with Juneathonitis, especially as that sounds better than shingles, which sounds like some kind of Victorian plague.

So, that’s Juneathon finished for another year. Well done everyone for your efforts and I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve got an extra week to do but I think it’ll be restricted to walking. 


  • Hi Cathy.
    Thank you for organizing Juneathon. Its a really good project and something to belong too..
    Wishing you a good summer and hope your studies are going well.
    I would like to add you to my facebook..? if its not okay thats okay. Have a great summer.

  • Hi Jenny, I’m glad you enjoyed Juneathon and yes, you’re welcome to add me on Facebook!

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