3 Myths About Running Shoes

Asics Cumulus 15

The 16 year old goth me would be horrified

Unless you’re Zola Budd (if you’re under 40, ask your parents who she is), you’re going to need to wear something on your feet (and I don’t mean Heelys or rollerskates like the ones you can buy at Skate Hut). When I started running, I bought a cheap pair of trainers from ShoeZone for £10 and although I don’t recommend you do that, there are some common myths about running shoes. Here are 3 of them.

1. There is a ‘best’ running shoe

There is no ‘best’ running shoe – what might be best for one person might not be the right shoe for you. So, while there’s nothing wrong in asking what other people like, you’ll only know what the best shoe for you is by going into a specialist running shop and trying some on, and ideally trying them on a treadmill/running outside in them too. When you try on the shoe for you, you’ll know.

2. You have to buy pink shoes if you’re female

Yes, okay, I have a pair of pink shoes. I like pink. I spent years being a goth and only wearing black but now I embrace my inner Barbie (if Barbie was a complete scruff with dyed red hair, black eyeliner and a nosering). But, despite sports shops apparently thinking all women like pink and therefore mostly only selling pink shoes and clothing, there are other colours available, you just have to dig deep beneath the sea of pink.

3. You have to keep buying the same brand until they go out of business, or you die – whichever comes first

My first ever pair of proper running shoes were Saucony and I thought I had to keep on getting Saucony but when I went to get my second pair of running shoes, the man gave me an orange (see, not pink, hurrah!) pair of Asics. My word, were they comfy or what? Ever since then, I’ve been a complete Asics fan girl and I’d love to stay loyal to them, but sometimes when I’ve gone to get a new pair of running shoes, others have suited me better.

Haraka Trail S Women's FusciaConcord A005494_076 CAT

So, what it comes down to really when you’re shopping for a new pair of running shoes is not the brand, the colour or what your best friend prefers, but what’s right for you. Remember though, every sport has their own type of shoe and you need to buy the shoe for that particular sport – so don’t try to run in cycling shoes or football boots.

If you prefer hiking or off-road running then it may be better to buy some specialist off-road trainers like those by Hi-Tec. They’re sturdy, rugged and designed to protect your feet when walking over rough terrain. If you’re running on trails, all running shoe shops will be able to sort you out with a pair of specialist running shoes.

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  • Finally someone has addressed the issue of the pink assumption, like you I like pink but it doesn’t mean I have to wear it for every run.

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