Sightseeing up and down Markhouse Road

I’m on the second (of three) of the 2 minutes running / 1 minute walking schedule this week. Oh, that doesn’t mean I’m out of the house for a grand total of 3 minutes, it’s repeated 7 times, so a total of 14 minutes running and 7 minutes walking or about enough time to hear 7 Strokes’ songs on my iPod.

According to my new favourite website I did 1.9 miles today and burnt off 181 calories but think I may have forgotten one 2 minutes running / 1 minute walking thing as on Monday it said I went 2.5 miles. Oh well, 181 calories burnt off, that’s more than a packet of crisps, woo hoo!

Might be the last run of the week depending on how much I drink on Friday (but I will be out with woman with child who isn’t drinking so maybe I’ll be moderate too in sympathy – ha ha, yeah, right, maybe I’ll just get hammered, Kirsty can watch on in jealousy!) and whether I am not too hungover/have enough time on Saturday to go out in the morning. Would be nice though because then I can go over the marshes in the daylight instead of pounding the backstreets of Markhouse Road in the evening after work. Will definitely not be running anywhere on Sunday after going out drinking with Mark in Cambridge on Saturday. Getting home in one piece will be a major achievement (as will staying off the ciggies, aaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh, I will be strong!)

I’m not going to post pics of maps/routes as I’m too paranoid to have my road up on the net for all to see, I have enough stalkers already, ta.

Miles: 1.9
Calories burned: 181
Music: The Strokes


  • Good on you! Build it up slow & steady. I did exactly what you did and ended up running the london marathon last year (no joke).

  • Wow, that’s impressive. Can’t say I particularly fancy running the London Marathon, a bit long and time-consuming for me (short attention span you see…). I may attempt a 5k in six months if I’m still running!

  • Yeah, London was a bit extreme and now I’ve done it, doubt I’ll do it again. Almost trashed my right knee and had to stop running for a long while (lbs piled back on). Now stick to sensible 8-10km max and just enjoy little runs plugged into iPod – gives me a chance to escape work etc.

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