Too many people

Oh my god, how cold was it today?!!  And yet brave little me ventured outside into the freezing cold to go for a run.  Far far far far far far too many people though, really stressing me out, can’t do a single three minute run without having to stop for some person in my way, usually women with kids, aarrgghh!!!  Too many roads and cars too.  Didn’t particularly enjoy today’s run, probably didn’t help that  my ankles and knees are still a bit sore.  I probably should rest them and not run again until they’re better but that could be a couple of weeks and if I stop now, I’ll probably never put my trainers on again.  Oh dear.  Will just have to hope I get stronger and it’s less painful. Hopefully will manage to avoid pavement if I go out on Sunday morning in daylight, that should help.

Still, I probably went some way to burn off the delivery pizza, four cans of lager, two packet of crisps and a creme egg that I had last night, oops, so much for being healthy, nice though!

Miles: 2.29
Calories burnt: 206
Music: Cardiacs

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