At one with nature

Up and out at 8am this morning, not bad for a Saturday! Seemed I wasn’t the only early riser today, Lorraine and Tony both texted me at 7.30am. I don’t think they were together! Lorraine texted with her usual nonsense and Tony asked me if I want to go to Braintree with Mark next weekend. Would be fun (although possibly fatal and definitely detrimental to my health) but Ben’s going out for his birthday then and if I wasn’t doing that then I’d be going to Nikki’s engagement party.

Was going to the marshes this morning so v. near to ex-boyfriend’s house and was hoping not to bump into him. so did I? Course I f*****g did! What was he doing out at 8am on a Saturday morning? Bloody typical.

Made a nice change going over the marshes although the actual marshy bit is quite far down the road so didn’t actually see much marshy bit. I did see a fox though which was nice. Saw a magpie too which wasn’t nice as only saw one and I’m superstitious about magpies. But if I see the same one twice then I think that counts as two magpies.

I did all my four lots of 5 minutes running today, not too much hard work either which makes a change for a weekend run which is usually completely pathetic and feeble and I normally give up after about 2 minutes. Maybe because I didn’t have any alcohol, pizza, crisps or creme eggs yesterday?

Next week three lots of 8 minutes, eek!

Wow, just realised that I’ve been up, done my washing, turned the dishwasher on, been out for a run and didn’t think about smoking once, until just this minute – woo, that’s a record!

Miles: 2.51
Calories burnt: 226
Music: Courtney Love

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