Wow, not so feeble today, completed all 3 lots of 8 minutes running / 2 minutes walking today, yay for me! I think I did anyway, my stopwatch stopped on the last one, seems to do that a lot, it needs to do more watching than stopping.

Ah well, tomorrow I’ll hopefully pick up my new toy from the post office tomorrow. The card says it came at 7.56 but I was awake so must have been one of the posties off the telly that aren’t allowed to post parcels so just drop the cards through the letterbox. Complete pain too, as the post office shuts at 1.30 in the week, just as well I’ve got the week off I suppose. I hope it is there as on the card it says to wait 48 hours but I’m too impatient to wait. I don’t do waiting.

Quite a productive day. Cleaned the kitchen (including the inside of the oven – woo!) and did the hoovering and had food shopping delivered. OK, having food shopping delivered isn’t exactly productive but it means that I can cook proper dinners for a few days instead of eating frozen rubbish out of the freezer.

Speaking of productive, Devil7, Boris, JimmyH and Actionscripter from the (now pretty much defunct) TWD forum have been very productive setting up a new forum, Designers Block. And very nice it is too. I don’t think much (paid for) work is getting at the mo while everyone’s spending all their time on the new forum. I’ve been quite quiet, I will have to rectify that and post some nonsense.

Out on the piss with Gary tomorrow to a new bar that’s opened round the corner. It looks like it’s trying to be upmarket and failing miserably. Out on the piss tomorrow means no running (or probably not) on Thursday, so look like it’s going to be Friday then I’m not sure if I’ll get another run in this week as not supposed to do two days in a row and I very much doubt I’ll be capable of running on Sunday after Bernard’s birthday bash.

Calories burnt: 220
Music: Black Wire


  • ohh! your new toy looks cool!

  • Cheers Maz, I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, hopefully tomorrow. I love gadgets 🙂

  • I’d just like to say in general Shiny that your blog has inspired me to get my ass off this chair and do some exercise.

    As of yesterday morning I have started going to the gym in the morning. Just half an hour a day, no target other than to do some cardio – treadmill, cross trainer and leg raises. I tell you, I practically skipped into work this morning I was so full of energy… 🙂

  • Wow, that’s cool Boris, glad I inspired you!

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