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Impatience got the better of me but for the better for my health so maybe patience isn’t a virtue after all and impatience is?

Couldn’t wait any longer to try out my Garmin Forerunner 301 so although I was feeling lethargic this morning due to a week off work and doing a lot of sitting around (mostly on the pc being distracted by the Designers Block forum) and going out drinking and eating crap, I put my trainers on and went out for a run. It’s taking me a long time to get ready to go out to run now though, as I’ve got my iPod, my keys in my gloves (don’t know what I’m going to do with them in the summer?), my stopwatch and now my Forerunner 301, which along with the wristwatch type thing also has a heart rate monitor. Anyway, I love my new gadget even though it tells me I’m an incredibly slow runner. Just above walking speed, I think.

I saw two power walkers when I was out. I’m going to refrain from commenting in case I offend anyone. I also saw a chav. And people flying kites. And a flock of cyclists (do they come in flocks?)

Think I’m going to have to repeat the 8 minutes running / 2 minutes walking again next week, as although it wasn’t a completely feeble effort this morning, I didn’t actually do all 3 repetitions without stopping. But it was either stop or have a collapsed lung. Can a heart rate monitor give you pain? I haven’t a clue if my average heart rate means I’m seriously unfit or not. I shall investigate.

And why did I want a cigarette when I got back? Have stopped 2 months now, hurrah! Sometimes I forget I don’t smoke anymore.

My week off work is over. That is not a good thing. Ah well, I’ve still got 11 and a half days left to take off before the end of April. Yay for me.

Miles: 2.86
Time: 36:34
Average pace: 12:48 minute/mile (stop laughing!)
Average speed: 4.7mph (if you stopped laughing, don’t start again!)
Max speed: 6.8mph
Calories burnt: 308
Average heart rate: 172bpm
Max heart rate: 217bpm
Music: Black Wire, shuffle (Baby Teeth, Franz Ferdinand, Bobby Conn)
Chavs: 1
Power walkers: 2
Kites: 1
Cyclists: ‘kin millions of them
Horses: Lots

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