Still stuck on week 5

I’m repeating week 5 again this week as the nice people on the Runner’s World forum said I should, until I can do 8 minutes running comfortably. Christmas then? Wasn’t too bad tonight though, did all three repetitions without stopping. Will try and do 3 lots this week as only went out twice last week due to er, can’t remember what it was due to, but probably due to couldn’t be botheredness. Going to have to try and fit it in round going out on Wednesday and Friday though, so I think I’ll go out tomorrow night and then maybe Sunday if I stay in on Saturday.

At least on Sunday I can go over the marshes. Next time I go out running round the streets I think I’m going to take a gun so I can shoot anyone I see spitting. Saw four blokes spitting tonight, the dirty, dirty peasants. I f*****g hate people spitting in the street, urgh! Some bloke made some comment to me but luckily the Kaiser Chiefs drowned him out. Must have been something in the air tonight (other than dirty peasants’ spit) as saw quite a few people out running.

Miles: 2.44
Time: 30:29
Average pace: 12:29 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.8mph
Max speed: 8.7mph
Calories burnt: 221
Music: Kaiser Chiefs
People spitting: 4

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