Half a feeble

Did two lots of 8 minutes running / 2 minutes walking this morning without stopping but stopped twice on the middle one. My excuse is that I was running on grass and mud which was a bit more tiring than a flat surface.

Still don’t think I’m running 8 minutes “comfortably” but don’t want to be stuck on week 5 forever, so I’m going to attempt 12 minutes next week. If I fail miserably, I’ll go back to 8 minutes. Seems a big jump though, another 50% of time added? 8 minutes 30 seconds would be kinder.

Probably feeble today as stayed up late drinking and posting nonsense on the Designers Block forum and if my pizza had turned up I wouldn’t have been drinking on an empty stomach. Actually the pizza did turn up but after an hour and a half and I’d already phoned to cancel it as I was mightily pi**ed off with them so I turned the lights off and hid upstairs pretending I was out. Pizza man was very persistent, he knocked on the door for 7 minutes. I felt sorry for him as it wasn’t his fault it was late and he’s a nice pizza man. Anyway, I’m not getting pizza from them again, looks like it’s back to Quattro Stagioni, they do nice pizza. I was whinging to the chaps and chapesses on the forum and Bones’ suggestion was ‘Shout down the stairs “I can’t come to the door; I have waited so long for my pizza that I am too weak to move!”‘ Heh heh, good one!

Am going to be healthy next week, honest! No pizza, no crisps, no chocolate, no chocolate brownies, no alcohol in the week. I want to get up to 12 minutes continuous running. I will do it!

Will have to do it, as have just signed up to do the Crisis Square Mile Run and I want to do it without stopping. Kate and Gary are going to run it with me. Well, Kate will if it’s not raining. I said if it’s raining we’ll go to the pub instead and she liked that idea. I have made myself a sponsorship page too so people can sponsor me lots of money. This was the only 5k run I could find that wasn’t for a charity that funds/does animal experimentation which is a shame as I fancied running the Tower of London one but the British Heart Foundation tests on animals and I was going to run it and not raise any money and then after the run tell them why I wasn’t raising any money for them but decided I didn’t want anything to do with them.

Rant over.

Miles: 2.37
Time: 28:10
Average pace: 11:52 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.0mph
Max speed: 6.4mph
Calories burnt: 210
Music: The Killers
Friendly cyclists: 1
Other cyclists: loads
Magpies: 3
Horses: 3
Big black bird (blackbird? crow?): 1
Time stopped smoking: 2 months 1 week 1 day
Cigarettes not smoked: 1,008
Money saved: £100.80


  • “No alcohol in the week” sounds a bit extreme 😛 keep up the running – and good luck with your 5k 🙂

  • Thanks Rich, just took a look at your blog, one day I’ll be easily running 10 miles instead of wimping out after 5 minutes 🙂 I would have posted a comment on your blog but it wanted me to register.

  • good luck with your running thing shiny, i can barely run for a mile!

  • 🙂 when I started last september I could only run for about 2mins max but its amazing how quick it gets easy (then hard if you stop 🙁 ) Just been out in the snow (1 mile was enough) 🙂 have a good rest of the weekend.

  • Thanks Maz, barely a mile sounds impressive to me, seeing as I can run barely a half mile!

    Rich, that’s really encouraging. From 2 minutes to 10 miles in 6 months? Looks like there’s hope for me yet!

  • hello shiny. first time i visited your blog.
    keep up the good work. your doing well.

    have u tried cycling? i don’t know what the rate of improvement is. but i do it quite alot. when i was younger, i used to run 1500meters (0.9miles) in 4min 53 seconds, around a track. and thats probably due to the cycling.

    but it might not be the thing for you.. as i see you used to smoke, the jogging will help with your breathing. where as the cycling will benifit your muscles. lol just an idea.

  • oh cycling sounds like a good idea, havent been on my bike in years. i need to get rid of the rust and the cobwebs firts though!

  • Hi Gaz, thanks for visiting! No I haven’t tried cycling, but I hate roads so wouldn’t be brave enough to venture out, I’m too much of a weed, I can’t even cross the road 🙂

    0.9 miles in 4 minutes 53 seconds is fast! I’m doing about 12 minute miles at the mo, ha ha.

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