I am indeed a finely tuned athlete

Oh yes, hurrah for me.  I did 12 minutes continuous running 3 times – woo – that’s over 3 miles of running!  I didn’t look at my schedule though as I thought I was supposed to walk for 2 minutes in between but I was only supposed to walk for 1, so shall have to see how well I do next time.

Pretty unadventurous really but the two pitbulls who were quite bemused to see me jogging up to them were even more bemused when they met me again on the way back.  They were cute, doubt Gary would agree.  Probably would have seen Gary do a three minute mile if he’d been there.

A strange man shouted out “you can do it”.  I’m assuming he shouted as I could hear him and there’s not much that manages to break through my iPod to my ears.  I’m not sure what exactly it was that he thought I could do but thank you anyway, strange man.  Unless it wasn’t words of encouragement and it was more along the lines of “you can get out of my way, bloody joggers hogging the pavement”, in which case, strange man f off.

Not sure when next run is as I’m out drinking orange juice and not swearing tomorrow and Friday.  Yes, I really am out drinking orange juice and not swearing and I’m not just saying that because my mum read my blog and told me off for drinking and swearing.  I’m not sure what 70 year olds are doing reading blogs anyway, they should be doing 70 year old things like, er, whatever it is that 70 year olds do when they’re not reading blogs.

Anyway, I’m going to say hurrah for me again for running 12 minutes, a step further towards running 3.5 miles without stopping.  Not many steps but nearly half way.

Miles: 3.44
Time: 40:04
Average pace: 11:39 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.1mph
Max speed: 6.7mph
Calories burnt: 273
Music: The Strokes
Pitbulls: 2
Strange men: 1


  • Well done with the jogging 🙂

    I’m not sure why strangers fell compelled to shout abuse. I normally get white van drivers shouting “Run Forest!” or “Ha-Ha, You’re Running!” ?

    I’m just glad that I somehow manage to provoke them enough to get a reaction which somehow leaves them empowered for the rest of the day.

    Keep up the running.

  • Thanks Rich, I don’t know why people are so curious/bewildered about people running. I haven’t actually had any abuse (yet), apart from teenage chav girls taking the p*** but that’s what teenage chav girls do 99.9% of the time anyway, they should look in the mirror before taking the p*** I think 🙂

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