Less than feeble

Whatever the word for less than feeble is, that was me today.  Did the first 12 minutes ok, wimped out half way through the second and didn’t even bother with the third and walked home.  Pathetic!  Possibly something to do with the bottle of wine I had yesterday?

Not many strange people about today, except for the two people on strange bicycles, had a kind of big parcel shelf on the front of the bikes, weird.  Saw a cute man with a dog but the dog was small and there’s something not right about men with small dogs.  (Sorry to any men with small dogs)

Miles: 2.83
Time: 37:04
Average pace: 13:05 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.6mph
Max speed: 6.1mph
Calories burnt: 260
Music: Shuffle
Men with small dogs: 1
Bicycles with parcel shelves: 2


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