Three quarters of a yay

Almost did both lots of 15 minutes with a minute walking in between but had to stop twice on the second one.  It was uphill though (ok I don’t exactly live in the Lake District but it’s still a slight incline).  Probably should have stuck to last week’s schedule (3 x 12 minutes running / 1 minute walking) until I was “comfortable” with it but I never know I’m comfortable until I go to the next stage of the schedule.  I now know that 8 minutes is easy peasy but I didn’t think that two weeks ago before I moved on to 12 minutes.  Although after Saturday’s feebler than feeble effort I probably should stay on 12.

I probably should have trusted my instincts and not ran at all today as my ankles are still swollen and stiff and after I’d finished running, I had to limp home.  Not sure how I could run but not walk though.  Oh well, I’m going to not run anymore this week and just rest until they’re better as they’re pretty painful at the mo.

Not much to report except my iPod battery ran out again.  And it ran out near enough the exact same spot.  V. annoying.  I don’t want to hear people’s comments as I run past them!  Not that I understand what they’re saying anyway.

There was a child about 2 years old walking down the road on his own.  He was wider than he was tall, bloody huge thing he was.  Far too young to be wandering about on his own and there wasn’t anyone around that I could see who might be with him and I probably should have asked him if he was ok but he might be in mugger training or have a gun or something.

Miles: 2.79
Time: 31:01
Average pace: 11:14 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.3mph
Max speed: 7.0mph
Calories burnt: 217
Music: The Strokes
Obese 2 year olds: 1


  • Sorry to hear about the ankles – Hope they go down. Have you got decent trainers? when I first started last year I did 2 months worth of damage to my feet because I ran in my old trainers.

    My ipod battery has died also R.I.P

  • Yes I got proper trainers from a running shop so I think it’s just because my joints aren’t used to all this pounding on the pavement. My ankes were a bit better today though so hopefully I’ll be ok to go out for a run on Saturday.

    iPod batteries don’t last long, do they?

  • take care of the ankle. slow and steady will “win” the race…:)

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