Should bottle it (and monthly stats for March)

Wasn’t going to go out this week due to elephantitis like ankles but have been sooooooooooooo stressed this week for some unknown reason and have wanted to kill anyone but especially random members of the general public, I went for a run as it’s true, it is a great de-stresser, I feel much better now!

Adopted my own schedule which was to run until I fancied stopping which wasn’t 5 minutes like I thought it would be but 16, so yay for me, my longest continuous time yet!

Gary did his old 3 mile route in Hitchin that he used to do in the olden days and he said he could still run it and did it in about 30 minutes. He didn’t say whether that was without stopping though so I shall have to investigate that one. Said he’s going to try running round Leytonstone. Not sure if he means try running round Leytonstone without getting mugged.

Last day at work tomorrow, then two weeks and a day off. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to be hard going back though, ugh! Never mind, don’t have to think about that for a while. Daresay on my two weeks off, I’ll be sitting in front of my pc working on websites, more pennies for me though, so hurrah!

Miles: 1.44 miles
Time: 16:06
Average pace: 11:13 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.3mph
Max speed: 8.8mph
Calories burnt: 132
Music: Shuffle
Interesting things to report: 0

End of month stats:
Miles: 27.19
Time: 5:29:31
Average pace: 12:07 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.9mph
Max speed: 8.8mph
Calories burnt: 2,379


  • 🙂 have a fun 2 weeks htm’ling it up 🙂

    Are you going to be running over the holiday? hope that the weather keeps getting better. I’m still running without my ipod (apples 30th tomorrow – see what comes out :-P) – hence I’m not running further than 10k at a time :-/


  • I’m going to have a fun two weeks not being at the day job 🙂

    Of course I’m going to be running over the holiday, sometimes I try not to run because of joints aching but I still can’t stop myself going out, even if it’s cold, dark, windy and raining! I always feel better when I come back. Except for the weekend morning running, I always feel like a weed as I can’t run in the morning without getting tired quickly.

    You need an iPod! I don’t think I could run without mine, it makes me feel like I’m the only person in the world at that moment 🙂

  • 2 weeks off work 🙂 Ive got to wait until the end of October 🙁
    How long have you been running for now? like you say you did a full Marathon distance + this month 🙂 gotta be good!

    Morning runs do get better – I just hate the first 10mins of any run.

  • I had 11.5 days to use up before April, I’ll still have 2.5 days when I go back 🙂

    I ventured out at the end of December but then couldn’t walk for 3 days and I’d only gone round the park. The park is very small, it only takes 6 minutes to WALK around it, and I had to stop 3 times trying to run one lap, tee hee, what a weed. Started again in the new year on my own schedule which was attempt to run round the block. Didn’t get very far with that then started on a beginner’s schedule off a website. It’s supposed to work you up to 30 minutes after 8 weeks but I’ve been doing it now since January but I don’t always get to go out 3 times a week, as the schedule says you should. I’m thinking of binning the schedule and just doing my own thing and work myself up to 30 minutes continuous. I don’t think I’m that far off it.

    I’d heard the first 10 minutes are the worst but I’m not a comfortable runner at any time/distance yet, except maybe for 3 minutes 🙂

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