You can do it when you B&Q it

Back out on my newly fixed foot tonight, was going to go back to the 8/2 x 3 schedule but decided to carry on and did 10 minutes running, took a 2 minute walk break then carried on 'til I got home which was about another 11 minutes, jogged the last stretch to Get Off My Cloud which was v. cool.  I love my iPod.  I dreamt I was an iPod the other night but here probably isn't the best place to discuss my weird dreams.  Especially last night's one.

I took a new route too as I was going to go to the marshes as it's still daylight but decided I prefer running on the road which is probably very strange as you'd think the marshes would be prettier than Lea Bridge Road but oh well.  Maybe because there's more to look at running on the road.  More strange people, anyway.  Actually there weren't many strange people about apart from one man who was singing along to his Walkman (or iPod or whatever) who stopped singing when I overtook him and decided to shout at me instead, don't know what he was saying though. 

Next run scheduled (in my head, anyway) for Friday, then possibly Saturday morning as I'm going to Cambridge on Saturday so that writes off Sunday.  Anyway, there'll be plenty of people running on Sunday so I'll just think of them running instead and that can be my exercise for the day.

Oh, have just remembered that the title isn't going to mean anything unless I mention B&Q.  Because I took a new route, it took me past the B&Q.  I should have stopped and gone in and looked at bathrooms although I could be barred from B&Q for failing to open the door to their bathroom designer and staying in bed instead. 

Miles: 2.08 miles
Time: 23:52
Average pace: 11:29 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.2mph
Max speed: 7.4mph
Calories burnt: 165
Music: Shuffle
Strange men singing along to music: 1
B&Qs: 1


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