Another milestone reached

Woo, today I went 3 miles which I'm pleased with, especially since I went out in the morning and I'm usually pretty feeble at running in the morning. And just to prove to myself how much progress I'm making, I just measured how far I went on my first ever run before I had to stop. 0.1 miles!! So a bit of improvement I think over the last four months. Yay for me.

I did a circuit of the marshes which turned out to be 3 miles exactly so that's pretty handy, although if I do it more than one more time, I'll be bored of it. It was boiling over there today, and I saw a girl running wearing a long sleeve jacket and a baseball cap, she must have been roasting! I've come home covered in sweat (hmm, don't I sound attractive now?) and I only wear tracksuit bottoms and a short sleeve t-shirt.

I saw quite a few runners but not one of them said hello, miserable gits. I thought there would have been more people over the marshes today, what with the weather being nice but maybe everyone took advantage of having a day off today and went to the pub last night and got hammered. I'm thinking of giving up drinking during May but I think that'll probably only last until tomorrow night when I go out to see Black Wire. And then there's leaving drinks for a girl at work on Friday… But I really want to get down to 8.5 stones (which technically makes me underweight but I like being skinny) and I think the only way I can do that is to cut down on the boozing. My scales told me I was 9 stone this morning which is not good!

Actually the day started off going wrong as my garmin wouldn't find a signal for about 45 minutes, then my iPod headphones decided to break just as I'd set off for my run, so I had to go home and change them. I was listening to my iPod and couldn't remember who the band was that was playing at the time and the headphone wire kept bashing me in the face which reminded me it was Elastica. (For those of you that that doesn't mean anything to, Wire are a big influence on Elastica.)

Well, no rest for the wicked. It may be a bank holiday but I've got a website to work on although really I should go to the supermarket as I haven't been for about a month and I'll have to get a pizza otherwise and I checked on the website last night and a pizza has 1,500 calories in it, eek!

Oh, and those nice young men at Designers Block have finished the new look for the front of the site now, and very nice it is too, and because I talk a lot of random rubbish, they've made me moderator of the random rubbish forum. Hurrah! I think.

Miles: 3.01 miles
Time: 32:54
Average pace: 10:56 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.5mph
Max speed: 7.8mph
Calories burnt: 300
Music: Shuffle (Baby Teeth, Black Wire, Bobby Conn, Elastica, Cribs, Muse, Outkast, The Coral, Hard-Fi)
Miserable runners not saying hello: 5
Runners overheating by wearing too much: 1


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