Yay, go me (sort of)

Hurrah, I went 3.5 miles tonight!  (With a couple of walking breaks but don't tell anyone as I keep telling people I'm a finely tuned athlete.)  And even with the walking breaks I did it in the time I thought I would so yay and that. 

Now I need to find a way to run without coming back dripping in sweat as I'm going to be in town for my run (only a month away, aarrgghh!) and will be seen in public afterwards, eek!  Maybe inviting people to watch wasn't a good idea or perhaps I just shouldn't be so vain?  Although I didn't invite Ben, he invited himself, and Kate says she gets really hot when she exercises so hopefully I won't be the only sweaty beetroot about, that's if Kate decides that she is going to run with me.

Took a slightly different route tonight so as to get the extra half a mile in and ended up in a really cr*ppy part of town, went down a road that I used to use on an early route and had forgotten just how ick it is and so I'm very glad that I didn't buy a house there.  Not that my part of town's much better with one sign appealing for witnesses to a serious sexual assault and another sign appealing for witnesses to a shooting in a pub.  Not to mention that the first thing that people see when they come out of my local station is a sign that says police are aware there are muggers in the area.  Nice!

I'm not going to think of when my next run is as things never go to plan.  I was abducted by an alien on Friday and didn't get home 'til Sunday (ok, so that's not entirely true, I was just being a dirty stop out) so didn't go running once over the weekend.  Oops! 

Miles: 3.53 miles
Time: 40:45
Average pace: 11:31 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.2mph
Max speed: 7.0mph
Calories burnt: 303
Music: Shuffle but don't really know what as stupid iPod headphones went kaput and was hardly any sound coming out of them.
Interesting things of note: 0


  • Sounds like some of the places you run must help keep you running fast 😛

    I would just give all your watching fans a post race cuddle 😉 that way you get to share the sweat 🙂

    Couldn’t believe how nice it is to run out in the sun again… thanks for dropping by on my blog. I hopefully will now be able to carry on running (going to take it easy at first though).

  • I think I prefer running in the winter, it’s too hot! And thank you for dropping by (you’re the only one who does, or at least the only one who comments!). You’re not actually supposed to go out running for another week though, you know 🙂

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