A mouthful of midges (ick)

As woman with child cancelled on me (again, but not because of woman with child sickness type thing this time but a have to work late type thing), I decided to continue with my healthy week of no pizza, chocolate, crisps, or alcohol, and not play Scrabble as I told Gary I would if/when woman with child cancelled on me (ok, I don't *have* to drink and eat pizza while playing Scrabble…) and went for a run instead. Quite sad really, as when I got up this morning I thought to myself that I didn't want to go out eating and drinking but would rather go for a run. Most odd. Never mind, it's Friday tomorrow and am going out with woman with child then for eating and drinking (I'll do most of the drinking).

A bit of a feeble effort today though, lots of walking, although I wasn't helped by the huge amount of midges that kept flying at me and going in my mouth. I shouldn't be eating midges, what with me being a veggie and that. Perhaps I should stick to the street where there might be less midges, as this evening I was brave (or stupid?) and went over the marshes as I'm getting a bit fed up of running round the fag end of town.

And to add a bit of interest to my blog and to give me an excuse to keep stopping, I might get myself one of these cameras (thanks to mickeyjohnnyboy for the recommendation). Although it might be a bit extravagant just to take snaps with for my blog, but it's small and will fit in my pocket easily and I might be able to sneak it into gigs where they usually take my camera off me (yes, you evil people at the Garage who wouldn't let me take pics of Cardiacs). Anyone want to buy an Olympus C770 and make me feel better about buying yet another new toy?

If I'd had a camera on me today, I could have taken a picture of the rat I saw with a slice of bread. Aw, I disturbed it and it left its bread and ran off. Hope it went back for his dinner after I'd gone.

Ben cycled past me tonight but he didn't realise it was me, probably because he wasn't expecting to see me and that's probably because I told him on Friday that I don't go over the marshes in the evening. At least, I think it was him, I'll have to email him tomorrow and ask him. Or maybe I won't as, if I do that, and it was him, he'll be looking out for me every night and I don't like people seeing me look such a state. Yes, I'm vain!

And I don't have to work tonight, yah!! (Sorry Joggerblogger, have nicked your "yah" thing, hope you don't mind!)

Miles: 2.93 miles
Time: 33:00
Average pace: 11:15 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.3mph
Max speed: 6.9mph
Calories burnt: 267
Music: The Music and shuffle
Rats with slices of bread: 1
Friends not recognising me: 1
Midges: About 16 billion


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