Smile, you’re on camera!

Took my new toy out for a run today and here's the first pic I took.

This is the smallest park in the world


It's also the most pixellated park in the world and I haven't got time to be mucking around with it so it's going to have to stay pixellated for the time being until I either a) work out myself how to upload it properly; or b) ask someone else how to do it.

Will leave the pics alone for now then but just so you know what you're missing out on (ooh it's like Bullseye – me and Jim Bowen, separated at birth!) I've got a pic of a path, a Polish(?) sign, a cat, a Big Brother sign (starts at 9 tonight, hence the "haven't got time to be mucking around with it" thing – hurrah!) and a sign of a speed limit.

It was nice stopping now and again and taking pics and not feeling guilty or like a complete wimp for stopping. Didn't seem to lose much time either so must have been going faster on the running bits. I don't seem to be coming home as sunburnt looking either so maybe that means I'm getting fitter? I might say to Gary (and Kate if she ever makes up her mind if she's running it or not) that he/they can run the Crisis Square Mile run at their speed without me so I can stop and take pics along the way, especially as we'll be going past lots of London landmarks and I don't actually have any pics of London landmarks although I am a Londoner (apart from the Essex, American and Irish bit. Oh and the Dutch bit).

Oh and I think I saw the Scottish Bob who was rumoured to be dead but then unrumoured to be dead. Perhaps starting at the beginning would be helpful? I saw Scottish Bob in the pub a few weeks ago who said that he'd been out with the other Scottish Bob recently. I said I didn't know who the other Scottish Bob was but Scottish Bob said I did and it was the small Scottish Bob. Bumped into Little Steve on Saturday who said that small Scottish Bob was dead. I said that big Scottish Bob had been out with him recently and he wasn't dead but that I still didn't know who he was unless there were three Scottish Bobs. But tonight I went past a bloke from Leytonstone who I think now I remember as being small Scottish Bob. And he wasn't dead. But if you live in Leytonstone you do run the risk of dying young. And of having a very unoriginal nickname.

Ah well, have to wash my hair and get my dinner before settling down for the next 13 weeks to watch Big Brother.

Miles: 3.47 miles
Time: 39:55
Average pace: 11:30 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.2mph
Max speed: 6.9mph
Calories burnt: 303
Music: Killers
Small Scottish men who aren't dead: 1

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  • Scottish Bob… I think I saw him down Gray’s Inn road late thursday 🙂 or was it Irish Pete? 😛

    Looking forward to the pic’s Ive got a sign one to post that is pretty funny…

    Enjoy the weekend 🙂

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