No more park for me

I'm giving up on the park. There were kids playing football in there which I didn't mind in the slightest but there was a man running on the path which bugged me and not only was he running on the path but running the opposite direction from me which meant that we passed each other head on and after the third time I couldn't take it any more so went onto the street. If I can't stand people running near me, how the f**k am I supposed to cope next Thursday with about 2,000 other people running near me? Heh heh. Na, it'll be fun.

I don't know if it's the warmer (well, not warm today but I did manage to get sunburnt on Sunday when I was doing the garden) weather and the lighter evenings but there definitely seems to be more people out running lately. Saw another female runner tonight which was spooky as I'd just been thinking before I came out that I very rarely see other females out running. She had freshly applied make up on which is very strange unless she's one of these annoyingly perfect women who always look fresh, unlike me. I take my make up off before going running, otherwise I'd come back looking like a panda.

And speaking (well, briefly mentioned, anyway) of gardens, here's mine after stage 1. Let's hope I get as far as stage 2 unlike last year when I cleared half of it and then did no more.

There's a patio under there somewhere, I just know there is. I will find it.

Anyway, not too feeble an effort tonight, considering as when I couldn't face passing the other runner any more I thought I'd go up the road and back and then go home but continued instead, so yay, go me!

Miles: 2.44 miles
Time: 25:45
Average pace: 10:32 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.7mph Max speed: 7.4mph
Calories burnt: 227
Music: Shuffle (Soft Cell, Ash, Dandy Warhols, Zwan, The Futureheads, Baby Teeth)
Other runners in the park putting me off: 1
Women running in full, freshly applied make up: 1


  • Stageone looks like hard work – :-/ did you do it on your own? did you find anything interesting in the undergrowth?

  • Yeah, I did it all by myself, I’m Superwoman, don’t you know 🙂

    Have a friend coming over on Saturday to help with stage 2 though. I found Spiderman’s head in the undergrowth, along with lots of footballs and a strange laser gun type thing and a rubber baseball bat. Probably all belonging to the kids in the house two doors up. That’s more likely than them belonging to the 80 year old woman next door. Although you never know 🙂

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