The end is nigher

Eek, just about 5 and a quarter hours to go until I have to run 3.5 miles round the streets of Central London with about 2,000 other people wearing red t-shirts, instead of doing a few laps of my local park wearing a black t-shirt and my iPod and growling at random members of the general public.  Not that the colour of my t-shirt has any bearing on my running ability, or maybe it does, and that's where I've been going wrong.  Hmm.

Right then, I have everything in place.  Have my Garmin, two cameras (one for Kate to take pics from her supporter's spot at the pub and one for me in case of photo emergencies en-route), running kit and a pub to meet in afterwards (most important bit).

Now, after I've done my first ever 5(and a bit)k, what's next?  Do it better and without stopping (if I do stop) or do it faster?  Do more training and less beer drinking and pizza eating?

It's going to be a fun evening!


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