Oh wow, how cool was that? Last night’s Crisis Square Mile Run was brilliant! And yay go me doing it all without stopping apart from at the start when everyone had to stop after quarter of a mile to try and get down some narrow steps. Gary sped off after 5 minutes to try and do his do it in 25 minutes thing but I caught up with him after a mile as he’d gone too fast too soon and I left him for dust. Ha ha. See, I told him he should have trained for it. Did I gloat? No, of course not. Not until I’d had three pints of Hoegaarden, anyway.

Aah, it was so good I wanted to do it all over again straight away. And I wasn’t last. Nowhere near last in fact. Now I want to find me another race. Yah!!

Can’t really put my stats because my Garmin didn’t like Central London and only recorded 3 miles, bugger. Ah well.


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