Operation Garden – Stage 3

Another Operation Garden post, I'm afraid. My leg's still hurting after the Crisis Square Mile Run on Thursday so no running for me today. Actually, I'm fibbing, I had too much wine last night.

But I have been very industrious today and pulled up all the weeds by hand and found my patio. No helpers today due to there being a football match on or something, or was it cricket?  I can't remember.

Here's what it was like at Stage 2

And now here's what it's like at Stage 3

And here's a reminder of what it looked like at the beginning

Stage 4 hopefully will be tomorrow, then I'm going to need a skip for the 23+ bags of rubbish and a trip to B&Q to get some plants and gravel and stuff. Then I can have a BBQ, hurrah!

Weeds: millions
Patios: 1
Bin bags full of millions of weeds: 23


  • The gardens coming on 🙂 hope the promised thunder storms stay away today so that you can have a BBQ 🙂

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who dosen’t watch the footbal – went in to town while the match was on, It was like 28 days later (apart from the pubs)


  • Thunderstorms? Ah well, the BBQ won’t be for a few weeks, have asked a footie fan friend if there’s a footie free Saturday so people will actuallly turn up.

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