Garden update

Still no running due to bad leg and due to me not getting round to seeing anyone about it yet so thought I'd post a picture of a flower I bought in Homebase last Saturday. Here it is

Nice, innit? I can't remember what make of flower it is. I do know that these ones are lillies though

Or are they not lillies until the flowers come out?

Transforms my garden, these do 🙂 Unfortunately the weeds have grown back, aarrgghh, so I raked over them this morning. Bought some of that cloth stuff that you put down before putting gravel/slate down which I haven't got round to doing yet. Have some bags of nice purple slate though but because Ben & Sheila said to carry more than 4 in their car would do in the suspension couldn't get all I need but Homebase only had 4 bags anyway so I hope they have more next time I go back, otherwise I'm going to have a multicoloured garden. Hmm. Could work. Possibly.

I also planted some radish seeds and some spring onion seeds. Oh I'm so at one with nature, me.


  • 🙂
    You’re about as good at naming flowers as me 🙂
    That sheeting is the best way forward! it stops all the weeding, can’t tell that I’m a lazy gardener. Hope the leg sorts it out.

  • The sheeting is good then? A woman at work said the weeds still get through 🙁 Aah, if it stops the weeds I'm going to be veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy happy! Although I still need to control the weeds coming through the cracks in the patio and the path. It's like little green criss crosses at the mo!

    Hmm, leg thing. Sometimes I think "hurrah, leg getting better" and then as soon as I think that, I get a twinge. I'm getting fed up of walking really slowly! I put a stretchy bandage on the last few days and knee seems to be better now, just bit between knee and hip needs to be sorted.

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