You sow the seed…

…and sometimes they grow. Sometimes you buy them from B&Q and they’re dead within a week. Like these ones

I haven’t seen them awake for ages now, think they’re dead. Oh dear. But the lillies are ok, but not growing any lillies yet. How long will it be?

The purple flowers are ok too but I forgot to take a pic of them. My nice plant isn’t so nice anymore, think I killed it because I didn’t support it and the long bits fell over and fell apart. Oops.

My salad stuff’s growing though, here’s some spinach

and here’s some spring onions

and here’s some radishes

Yum. Who’s coming round for dinner then? 🙂
But bestest of all, the sunflowers are growing, hurrah! Hope the sunflower flower bit comes out.

I would thin them out into separate pots although it might be a bit late now but I ran out of compost. Maybe a trip to B&Q again? Ooh, I’m turning into one of these sad people who spend their weekends in DIY Centres. Again.

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