Cold comfort

Bought one of these today on the recommendation of Joggerblogger. According to Boots’ website you use it cold for sports-type injuries. Woo, I’ve got a sports-type injury, does that make me a proper runner? 😉

It’s in the freezer getting cold nestled amongst the Quorn burgers and Belgian Chocolate Haagen Dazs at the mo, will give it a go later. Hopefully with the compress, the tablets and the resting (oh, hang on a minute, haven’t done much resting, oops) I’ll be back on my feet soon. I’m just looking forward to being able to walk properly at the mo and what I’m going to do is I think is when my knee feels better, walk the two miles to work from Liverpool Street station for a few days instead of going straight back to running. Heh heh, famous last words probably – the moment my knee feels better I’ll probably be heading straight for the park.

Wonder how much fitness I’ve lost? I reckon even a mile’s going to be optimistic 🙁

Ho hum.


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