Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since I went to the hospital and my leg’s still not better. 

I’m bored of limping, I’m bored of icing, I’m bored of ibuprofen, I’m bored of arnica, I’m bored of resting and I want to get back out running!  I haven’t even had a run in the sun so I haven’t experienced how hard that is yet 🙂

Who’s got any tips for me to get me uninjured again?


  • That’s pants! pre-haps its worth going to see a sports injury person. Hope it sorts itself out – what did the Dr say when you went last time? did they tell you to come back if it didn’t get any better?

  • No, she didn’t say anything about if it didn’t get better. I did start taking ibuprofen again yesterday and now can walk just about normally although knee doesn’t feel 100% better so maybe I’ll give it another week and keep taking the ibuprofen and see how it is then.

  • Ibuprofen is great for getting rid of the pain, but i’d watch being on for too long though. Hope it gets better for you though, It’s rubbish! I know what it’s like – it feels like you’re never going to get better, you will though.

    Hope that you have a good weekend and enjoy the sun 😀

  • Maybe I stopped taking it too early, as I haven’t taken it for a week or so, but I’ll just take it for another week.

    Thanks for the encouragement, it certainly feels like it’s never going to get better at the mo 🙁

    Have a good weekend yourself, how’s your detox (-1 day a week) going? 🙂

  • not been to good this week – tomorrow i’m going to start again – had a week off. Going to do a 12 miler in sherwood forest in the morning, so look out for some photos of the plastic great oak 😛

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