Why did the jogger cross the road

Aarrgghh, yesterday I attempted to run across the road to my mate’s van as it was raining.  Well, I didn’t want to go to his van because it was raining but we wanted to try out my new iTrip in the van.  The rain was incidental but I didn’t want to get my hair wet for vain girly reasons.  Couldn’t even do that.  How big is a road?  A few feet?  My leg gave way, it wasn’t having it.  Bl**dy hell, will I ever recover? 🙁


  • 🙁 sorry to hear that, I think my ankle has come out in sympathy for you (it’s the other one this time) – Is running good for you?


  • Sorry to hear about your ankle, you’ve put it through a lot of miles lately though 🙂

    I don’t think running’s good for you, I’ve spent more time injured than running since starting in January. Maybe I should go back to smoking, drinking and eating cr*p 😉

  • LOL! I think that running hopefully will be better for us in the long run 🙂 – I hope.

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