Hurrah! (I think)

I went running today 🙂

Well, on a treadmill so it’s cheating but still, it was definitely a jog and not a walk, so a step in the right direction I think, yay, go me!

No one told me it was difficult to balance on a treadmill, I’ve never been on one except for in the shop where I got my running shoes so had to hold onto the sides at first, even at walking speed, heh heh, what a weed.

And how is it that I managed six months of road running without getting blisters but 20 minutes on a treadmill and I’ve got one?

Perhaps I can venture out onto the road again in a few days? And if I bump into that pig-ignorant, insensitive, flippant d**khead of an ex-boyfriend, I’m going to push him into the canal 🙂


  • Glad to hear that you are running again… Treadmills are odd. I’ve only been on one a few times when you get off you feel like your moving really fast. It’s better for your legs though I bet as they are pretty springy.

  • Heh heh, yes, it was weird when I got off, it was like the floor was still moving. I thought I’d do the treadmill for a while first because as you say, they’re springy so less impact. Do you think it’s best to start back slowly? I am still limping a bit 🙁

  • Too right to start back slow… I’m doing short runs all this week trying to get my stupid ankles right!

  • Sounds like the treadmill might the way to go to slowly build your knee back up.
    I heard from somewhere (in a spurious bit of trivia that you have no way of remembering where you got it from kind of way) that jogging is pretty rough on the old leg joints, so I’d take my time before getting back into full-on pavement pounding!

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