Jogblog is even more back!

Well, well, well, after yesterday’s little excursion, thought I’d have another go today and just go up to the marshes and back as didn’t fancy the park, as there’s a new climbing wall/mountain thing in there which was covered in kids so took a little run up the road which turned into me doing the whole 3 mile circuit round the marshes 🙂 A bit of stop and start but I did manage 20 minutes without stopping which isn’t a bad effort I think. And what is an even better effort is that I managed to even say a “morning” to a fellow runner. I even got a “hi” back and just as I was thinking that with the dog walkers, horse riders, cyclists, runners and pensioners picking blackberries, maybe it’s not all joyriders, muggers and burglars round here, on the last stretch back I ran past a huge yellow sign asking for information about a serious sexual assault. It also says it happened between 10pm and 4am. My heart goes out to the girl but what the f**k was she doing over the marshes at that time? I’m nervous enough over there at lunchtime in broad daylight.

Lovely day over the marshes today, very sunny but with a nice cooling breeze 🙂 Now I’m going to have to finish the website I’ve been procrastinating about for over a week, and everything else I haven’t done.

Couldn’t take any pics today because my camera broke after my day trip to Brighton and it’s at the camera hospital.

And why is running such a love/hate thing?  When I’m out there, I’m thinking “this is really hard, why am I doing this?”, then when I’ve finished and got home, I want to do it all over again!

Miles: 2.93
Total time: 37.55
Average pace: 12:55 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.6mph
Max speed: 6.3mph
Total calories: 242
Weather: 75F Scattered clouds
Music: Idle Vice Pirate, Ween, The Presets, Straw, Gary Numan, Cardiacs, Junior Senior, Franz Ferdinand, Manic Street Preachers, Tricky


  • Nice one about the run 🙂 running is a love hate thing for me as well. I hate the first mile, anytime of the day and any month of the year. But once you get going I really enjoy it.

    I’ve got some website work at the back of my head telling me it needs doing, but getting time to do it seems hard. What site are you working on? I had a software company in the USA contact me the other day to use some of my illustrations which is cool 😀

  • Nice one about the software company 🙂

    I need to update a soap manufacturer’s site but now I’ve just spent 3 hours cleaning and have slightly gone off the idea 🙂

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