Anyone got any spare energy?

F**k me, that was hard! I seriously wanted to give up after a mile but ploughed on, didn’t quite manage the 2.5 miles that was on today’s schedule but close enough and I’d finished a lap of the park and before I knew it, my feet had taken me through the front door to the sofa. I’m going to need some energy to kick in on Saturday, anyone got any spare?

As I was plodding round the sports field, the little voice in my head telling me to stop this running malarky and go home and get my dinner instead piped up, so I started thinking about pizza and I thought, I know, me and Gary could have a little bet on Saturday, and whoever finishes in the fastest time buys the pizza afterwards. But then I remembered that many years ago, we used to play pool for pizza, and anytime we had the bet, I always lost and not just because I was seriously crap at pool, as sometimes I did win, but never if we’d bet pizza, so it’d probably be a good idea not to mention that idea to him. Although he reads this blog, so I won’t have to mention it to him. But although he reads this blog, he never leaves a comment, and since he’s written three novels, you’d think he could string a few words together and come up with a comment instead of copying and pasting parts into emails to me and then commenting.

Am resting now until Saturday. Pizza, here I come! Oh, there is some running involved on Saturday, not just pizza. 🙂

Miles: 2.31
Total time: 24:03
Average pace: 10:24 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.8mph
Max speed: 8.2mph
Total calories: 229
Average heart rate: 174bpm
Maximum heart rate: 185bpm
Weather: 68F
Yesterday’s oddest search engine query: will ruby tuesday sponsor me?
Another odd search engine query: jogging song hits runners
Days without pizza and chocolate: 26
Happy Mondays – Step On
Air – Lucky and Unhappy
Sonic Youth – My Friend Goo
Cristina – Temporarily Yours
The Jam – Town Called Malice
The Cooper Temple Clause – The Lake


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