How to train for a 10k

After working muscles I never even knew existed at the body pump class on Monday which left me hardly able to move all week, I dragged my marginally less aching limbs out for a run today.

And it was a completely feeble effort, but due more to me being lazy than not being able to carry on. Why am I always so lethargic on my days off? The 10k’s in about 3 weeks and I’m nowhere near being able to complete it although they haven’t cashed my cheque or written to me yet so maybe I’m training for nothing.

Miles: 1.29
Total time: 14:44
Average pace: 11:27 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.2mph
Max speed: 6.2mph
Total calories: 123
Weather:64F , windy and raining
Sultans of Ping – Teenage Drug
Human League – Do or Die
Ben Folds Five – Jane
Black Wire – Smoke and Mirrors


  • A least you got out 🙂

    And even better, you used the word bodypump again LOL! can you buy them at Argos?


    How’s the bathroom going? are you fitting it yourself?

  • Bathroom’s going horribly wrong. I just rang the fitters to see what time they’re coming on Monday to begin the installation but they have no record of them doing the installation. Am waiting for them to ring me back to see what’s happening.

    They haven’t delivered the end bath panel and there’s not enough paint and they said I was getting a new skirting board and they haven’t delivered one.

    Think I’ll cancel the whole thing and give MFI my £3.5k instead 🙁

  • It’s never easy is it 🙁 hope you get a call to sort it.

  • I’m still waiting. Looks like the bathroom’s going to stay in the living room for the time being 🙁

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