I am officially the world’s most feeble person

Oh my, I even outfeebled myself today. Half a mile! Oops. What can I blame it on? Overtraining? Ha ha, hardly. Time of day? Maybe, I tried running at midday before and it didn’t happen then either. I blame my neighbour though for doing her garden for ages and I was waiting for her to go back in so I could put my Garmin in the garden to get a satellite without being held up for half an hour listening to things that pensioners like to talk about which in our case, living here, we talk about the man round the corner who got murdered and how his ex-girlfriend who used to work in the local shop found him strangled in the bath.

But she was pottering (do young people potter, or is it a word only to be used in association with the over 60s?) for ages so I went to the park and sat on the bench and waited for a satellite.  (When I go back to work tomorrow and people ask how the bathroom installation is going and I say it isn’t and they ask what I did instead, I’m going to say I went to the park and waited for a satellite and see how many strange looks I get.)

So I had kind of gone off the idea of going for a run by then but as I was in the park, thought I might as well but I gave up really quickly. I probably shouldn’t blame it on innocent old ladies though.  I should probably blame it on the bottle of wine I had last night.

Ho hum.

Shameful stats:
Miles: 0.70
Total time: 7:26
Average pace: 10:40 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.6mph
Max speed: 8.1mph
Total calories: 62
Pottering pensioners: 1
Athletes of outstanding endurance: 0
Moby – The Sky Is Broken
Radiohead – High And Dry
Ween – Roses Are Free


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