I am officially the world’s laziest person

A lazy, lazy, lazy week. I have run (or should that be ran?) the grand total of 0.7 miles this week. Hmm, maybe not the best 10k training plan in the world, especially with the race looming rather quickly. I even got my race pack today, look, it’s got a number and chip and bag storage tag thingy and everything:

At least it would appear there’s more than 10 people running in this race so I might not be last although with my incredibly crap training schedule over the last couple of weeks, I could well be.

Right, now I need to persuade some friends to get up early on a Sunday morning to cheer me over the finish line. As the race starts at 11, which therefore means I won’t be crossing the finish line until at least 12, surely a couple of them could make the effort to come along? Although unless I get my training head back on, I’m not even going to get up early on a Sunday morning to go along myself.

My excuse for not doing any training this week is that eating crap and drinking too much seemed like a better plan instead but after this weekend, I am starting another pledge of no pizza or chocolate or crisps for a month.

Tomorrow’s usual run over the marshes might be hampered by the fact that since Wednesday there’s been a police presence at the bridge I usually run through, which has got tape over the entrance to it now. That would appear to me to be because of a murder but I can’t find anything about it on the internet. I will investigate tomorrow and ask one of the policemen.

But, on a brighter note, beer o’clock has well and truly arrived 🙂


Woo, look what I found on my stats: Someone has posted about my blog on her blog and she says she likes my blog 🙂 Clicky here to read. Brutally honest? Me? Am I?


  • At least you will have fresh legs tomorrow 🙂 incase you need to run away from a the crimewatch reconstruction team… Beer o’clock – HELL YEAH! it’s red wine o’clock up north 😛

  • You’re still on your red wine diet?

    Ooh, maybe the crimewatch reconstruction team will need a female jogger to jog through the bridge, then we can both be on the telly 🙂

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