Powered by Helly Hansen (and a Peanut Butter KitKat)

I was either powered by my new Helly Hansen running top or by the amount of cr*p I ate yesterday. The full run down of how I managed to completely mess up my new healthy diet (which lasted, ooh, all of a week) went like this:

One Tracker bar
One bottle of Fanta
Yoghurt & muesli
One packet of Salty Dog Cheese & Onion crisps
One Three Cheese & Caramelised Onion ciabatta from EAT
One packet of Walkers Cheese & Onion crisps
One Peanut Butter KitKat Chunky
One bag of White Maltesers
One plum
One nectarine
Two snack size Soreen malt loaves with butter
One bean bake
Three cans of Carling

Um, yes, not the food for a finely tuned athlete. Except for the muesli and the bean bake (taken from Food for Fitness which has lots of great healthy recipes – even pizza, yay!).

Still, even though I ate like a pikey couch potato yesterday, I did manage a good run. 5 miles, woo! But why did the entire population of Walthamstow decide to be out tonight? Purely to get in my way? I really hope that not only can they lip read, but they can also lip read English and knew exactly what I was calling them under my breath. Why can’t these people move, especially when I’m trying to keep out of their way and stick to the side? Idiots (and no, that’s not what I was muttering under my breath).

So now I have my new running clothes, I have no excuse to back out of the 10k on Sunday. Plus Gary’s going to sacrifice his Sunday lie-in and watch me cross the finish line. Which is more than can be said for Bernard and Kate who have both said, no, sorry, I’m going to stay in bed with a hangover as I’m going out drinking on Saturday night. I should probably point out that they are neither a) going out drinking together on Saturday night; nor b) staying in bed with a hangover together. At least, I very much doubt it. (What I do not doubt in the slightest though is that they will both kill me if they read what I have just written. Oops.)

Miles: 5.03
Total time: 58:11
Average pace: 11:34 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.2mph
Max speed: 8.1mph
Total calories: 416
Weather: 57F
People getting in my way: 225,000 (ish)
Boomtown Rats
Cardiacs – Tarred and Feathered
Toyah – The Shaman Says
Muse – Falling Down
Stereo Total – Fur Immer 16
Primal Scream – Some Velvet Morning
Ash – No Place To Hide
Baby Teeth – Celebrity Wedding
The Who – My Generation
Graham Coxon – My Idea Of Hell
Stereo Total – Die Krise
The Killers – Sam’s Town
Sultans of Ping – Terrorist Angel
Ash – Jesus Says
Scissor Sisters – She’s My Man

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