B&Q bathroom installation report continued

Day 7
So I did the fitters’ job for them on Saturday and went to B&Q and picked up the new bath waste unit.  I rang them this morning and said I’ve got the new waste, come and install my bath for me please.  Dragon Lady (it was a different Dragon Lady but she’d obviously been to the same doctor’s receptionist training school as the one from last week) said did I get a long waste as I need the long one, not the short one.  And how the fuck exactly am I supposed to know that?  I said I didn’t know, I just got what B&Q gave me, they said it was a standard one and would fit my bath.  Dragon Lady said not to ask her any more questions as she didn’t know anything and that they didn’t have anyone available today to come round and will ring me. 

I ring B&Q and tell them that the fitters haven’t got anyone available to install my bath and Alan the B&Q man said that he’d ring them and see when they could come round.  I’m obviously getting assertive in my old age as I said it wasn’t a question of when they could come round, I want someone here first thing tomorrow, I’ve been without a bath for a week.  Alan the B&Q man left a message on my mobile about an hour later to say that the fitters will ring me to let me know when they’re coming back which hopefully will be tomorrow.  Hopefully’s no good.  I want my bath installed.  Waa!!  I had to pay £20 yesterday at the hairdressers just to get my hair washed.

F*****g bunch of idiots, the lot of them.


I ring the Lea Bridge Road store to speak to Maryam to see if what she gave me was a long or short waste but she’s not there and Riaz isn’t around either.  I leave a message for Riaz to call me but he hasn’t yet.

I ring the B&Q installation service centre to pester them again to phone the fitters for me and I speak to an exasperated sounding but patient Alan again and say that I need to know that the fitters are coming back tomorrow as it’s the second week now and all I’ve got is a toilet and half a sink and there’s tons of work left to be done.  He says he’ll chase the fitters for me and will ring me back in 45 minutes.  He rings back as promised and says that the fitters will be round tomorrow.  Hurrah!  My persistence has paid off.  He doesn’t know what time though so will ring them again to find out and ask them to phone me. 

I ring the store again to speak to Riaz to check the waste unit will definitely be ok and get told that he’s out on visits all day.  I haven’t got his mobile number on me and they’re not allowed to give out mobile numbers.  Oh nooooooo, what if the waste is the wrong one?  B*****ks.

Update #2
Mid-afternoon and no one’s rung to tell me what time the fitter’s coming round so I brace myself and ring Dragon Lady.  She says oh, didn’t B&Q ring you?  I say no, not this afternoon.  Fitter will be round in the morning.  First thing.  I ask if Danny gave them my keys that he had.  She says it’s Danny who’s coming round.  I say oh, I thought he had left the company.  She says he’s staying on for another week.  I’m hoping he didn’t spend the weekend googling himself (oo er) and stumbled across my blog, otherwise I dread to think what he’ll do to my bathroom.


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