B&Q bathroom installation – day 10

Day 10
Woo, the fitters turn up bright and early at 8ish. One of whom is only about 14 but I decide not to let that worry me unduly, someone’s got to make the tea I suppose. I ask the plumber if he knows if someone’s going to be here every day now until it’s finished. He says he doesn’t know and that he was taken off a job he was on and has left someone without a boiler. Don’t you just love this company?

I try to go to work thinking happy positive thoughts about me washing my hair and splishing and sploshing around in the bath later this evening but all I can think is I’m not going to hold my breath for my bath to be installed today.

I get to work and the plumber rings at 9:30 and says the taps won’t fit. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Haven’t we been here before? I say they’re the taps that come with the suite, I bought a package. He says they should go on the side of a bath, not the end. I say can he put them on the corner? He says it will look crap. I say I’m beyond caring and just want my bath installed. He says that if he puts them on the corner then it might push the panel out and the panel won’t fit on properly. He says he doesn’t want to drill holes and then find out that they won’t fit. He says I should get a thermostatic shower mixer tap. I say so you can’t put the taps I have on the bath? He says no. He says if the designer wants to go round and show him how to plumb it in then he’s welcome to. Waa!!!!!

I ring Maryam at the Lea Bridge Road store and say plumber says taps don’t fit the bath. She says they will fit, they come with the suite, it’s a package. I say I told him that. She says the taps are supposed to go on the corner. I say I asked him if he could do that and he said no. She says how does he know the taps won’t fit if he hasn’t drilled the holes yet? I say he said he measured. She says she’ll see what she can do and call me back in five minutes.

That was at 10:05 and she hasn’t called by 11:35 so I call her and she said she’d spoken to her managers and they were trying to get through to ISC (or something like that) who send the fitters out to see why they can’t plumb it in. I give Maryam the plumber’s mobile number so she can speak to him direct. She says she’ll call me back.

Tap tap tap. That’s the sound of my fingers drumming on the table.

I’m going to run to the gym on Sunday and wash my hair there. Doubt Saturday’s going to see me doing anything very energetic after going to see the Cardiacs tomorrow.

Maryam rings me back at 12:40 and says that she’s checked my order and the taps should fit the bath and the taps go in the centre and the shower goes on the corner and that Donald who deals with plumbers will arrange to meet the plumber at my house and show him how to plumb it in. She says she’ll call the plumber and ask him to be at my house at 10:30 tomorrow.

Maryam calls back and says that the plumber doesn’t need to be there but Donald will come round and see if he can see any problem. I say can’t Donald just plumb the bath in. She says no, he’s not actually a plumber and ISC are in charge of the fitting companies and it’s their responsibility but because customers go into the store and deal with staff one on one they feel partly responsible.

Maryam says that if there was a problem then the pre-fit survey should have showed it up. I said I didn’t get a pre-fit survey. Maryam says oh, B&Q have fumbled there. I say the man came round but didn’t have any drawings or plans and just took a photo and left. She says I should have had a pre-fit survey but Donald will come round and see if there’s a problem and we’ll take it from there. I say that still leaves me without a bath and it’s been two weeks now.


Update #2
I get home from work and see that the plumber has left the bathroom window wide open.  What a f*****g tosser.  He’s not going to be able to open it again as I have now locked it and hidden the key.  I have just spent the last five minutes wandering around the house like a mad woman talking to myself and chanting my latest mantra “What A F*****g Tosser”.  I could have been burgled.  What a f*****g tosser.

He has put the pop up plug thingy in the sink though.   Although it’s not actually attached to anything that will make it pop up so not really sure why he’s done that.  I think he may have fixed the leak in the sink but I will test it again later.

But even if he has fixed the leak in the sink he is still a f*****g tosser.  How am I supposed to trust him to leave my house secure if he comes back next week?

I swear I’m going to have a nervous breakdown soon.


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