B&Q bathroom installation – day 12

Yes, another bathroom post, sorry.

I ring the installation centre at 8:10am but am on hold for 11 minutes so decide to go to work and ring from there. I ring at 10:45 and Alan answers (is he the only person who works there?) and I tell him that the fitter had been round on Thursday and said the taps didn’t fit and so I had rung the store and Donald had come round on Friday morning to see what the problem is and that he said that the taps will fit and he is willing to meet the plumber at my house and show him how to fit it. Alan says he’ll phone the store and speak to Maryam or Donald and then speak to the fitter. I tell him the fitter left my window wide open. He said, when you weren’t there? I said yes, I came home from work and it was wide open. He said would I like an installation manager to come round to the property to see what the problem is as they have more clout and I seem to be having a lot of problems. I said I just want my bath installed and I can’t keep taking time off work. He says he thinks the installation manager can visit in the evening. He said he’ll ring Maryam to arrange for Donald to meet the fitters and get back to me.

He hasn’t rung by 12:20 so I ring him and he says that he spoke to Maryam, and Donald will meet the fitter on site and that he needs to get a fitter arranged He asks if it is just the bath that needs installing. I say, no, nothing’s been done since the Tuesday of the first week, we’re now in week three. I only have a toilet, half a sink that leaks and a bath with no taps. I’ve got no flooring or tiles and there’s decorating to be done. Oh he says, there’s quite a lot of work to be done then. I mention again about the fitters leaving my window open and he says he forgot to make a note about that. He says he’ll speak to his supervisor and call me back at 1:00.

Alan calls back at 12:53 and says the fitters are willing to come to the house with Donald. I say is it the same fitters. He says yes. I say but they’re no good, they leave my window open. He says he’s going to get the installation manager to go there to see them also as someone’s mucking up somewhere and it’s been going on for too long. He’s waiting to hear back from the installation manager and will get back to me.

Alan’s not rung me back by 4:50 so I ring and get through to Jackie. She has a look at my notes and says that the fitter, planner and installation manager are to come out and thinks Alan’s waiting for the installation manager to get back to him and that he’ll ring me, probably tomorrow.

Grr. Another day goes by with f**k all being sorted. How did I manage to turn into a project manager (although obviously not a very good one, seeing as nothing’s getting done)? The reason I’m paying over the odds for my new bathroom is so that everything’s taken care of at one place and I don’t have to spend time chasing people up. I’ve done nothing but chase people up since getting the designer round at the end of July.


Update #2
Maryam from the store calls me at 5:20 (woo, someone actually called me to let me know what was going on) to say that Donald, the fitters and the installation manager are all going to meet up and see what can be done.  She asks about the pre-fit survey.  I say I didn’t get one, the lad came round, said he didn’t have any drawings or plans, took a photo and left after about five minutes.  She says did I sign the paperwork.  I said he asked me to sign that he’d been there.  She says she’s got paperwork with my signature on it showing tick boxes to say that I was happy with everything.  I said all he did was ask me if everything was staying in the same place and I said it was and he said it should be okay that he couldn’t do a full survey.  Maryam says they might have copied my signature from somewhere.  I say the lad who came to do the survey was from the fitters, wasn’t he?  She says yes.  I say well then, they’re not to be trusted.   The lad came round to do the survey on 31  August.  I even say in that post that I don’t trust them to do a good job.  Why didn’t I trust my instincts?


Anyway, I’m going out for a run now.  If anyone gets in my way, god help them.

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