Letting off some steam

My Garmin didn’t want to pick up a signal in the back garden, so I sat at the bus stop at the back of my house and tried it there. While I was waiting there was a young boy across the road throwing a ball against a wall. My back wall. As my Garmin had eventually decided to pick up a signal, I decided to let him live and went on my way.

As I was approaching the mosque the doors opened and out spilled dozens of people. I decided it would be fun if I didn’t stop or slow down and to see how many I could knock down by running through them. Unfortunately they mostly got out of my way, shame. Next time I’ll run faster.

Still, I managed to let off some steam and forget about the B&Q fuckwits for a while. Now it’s time for my dinner and a hot bath. Oh well, one out of two’s not bad I suppose.

Heart rate monitor training will resume on Saturday when I go to the park and run round it as fast as I can for 3 minutes or until I want to puke (as Julie has advised.¬† The book¬† didn’t mention anything about running ’til I puke (funny that) but I’ll take her word for it) to find out my maximum heart rate. Although, I could probably just monitor it the next time I speak to B&Q, that would probably work just as well.

Miles: 2.71
Total time: 29:02
Average pace: 10:41 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.6mph
Max speed: 10:00mph
Total calories: 239
Weather: 59F
Young boys throwing balls against my house: 1
People I successfully knocked down outside a mosque: 0
Baby Teeth – Rock The Boat
Manic Street Preachers – Love’s Sweet Exile
Scissor Sisters – Tits On The Radio
Seahorses – Round The Universe
Soft Cell – Persuasion
The Au Pairs – Unfinished Business

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