B&Q bathroom installation – day 14

Are you as bored of this as I am yet? All good evidence though for when I write my really long letter of complaint.

I ring the plumber at 10:04 and say did you look at the website? He says yes, the taps go on the corner with the handheld spray to the left of them on the back edge. I say yes, can you do that? He says, well, if that’s how they are in the picture, then that must be where they go.

He says he has a reservation though. If I use the spray as a shower, then there’s a danger that water will get through the hole, as it’s not meant to be used as a shower. I say but if I’m aware of that then it’s not a problem is it? He says no.

I say can you come and do it tomorrow? He says he’s spoken to his office and they’ll be in touch as and when. He says whoever comes round will need access to the back garden. I say that’s fine, as long as they lock up afterwards. (I was tempted to say you left my window open you twat, but restrained myself.)

He says the office will be in touch.

I ring Alan and say that the plumber didn’t have a solution last night, it was just going round in circles again but he’s looked at the website now and has seen where the taps go and says he can do it. I say he said his office will be in touch “as and when” but that’s not very good and ideally I need someone there first thing tomorrow, can he chase them for me please? He says will do.

Fingers crossed! What do you reckon? Bath installed tomorrow?

Dragon Lady from the fitters phones me at 11:00. She says the plumber can come round Monday afternoon. I say that’s no good, I need someone round tomorrow morning, it’s been going on for three weeks now. Dragon Lady says he can’t come earlier, he’s on another job. I say I’m going to ring the Installation Centre.

I ring Alan and say Dragon Lady says plumber can’t come back ’til Monday afternoon. He says it’s Wednesday now so that’s another five days, hmm. I say it’s no good, I need someone tomorrow morning, it’s been three weeks. I say afternoon is no good either, that’d involve taking a day off work. He says he’s running out of ideas but it’s been going on for too long and he’ll speak to his manager.


I think I’m going to cry. Again.

Update #2
Alan rings at 11:40 and says that he’s spoke to the fitters and the plumber who came round last time can’t come back until next week but they’re going to see if they can get someone else. I say next week’s no good, I can’t let this drag on to next week. He says if they can’t send anyone this week then they’re going to get their managers involved. He says he’ll keep me informed.

Five phone calls already today and it’s not even lunchtime yet. Just as well I didn’t go on holiday and leave them to it, like I’d thought about. I thought if they start work on the Monday morning, I could just come home on the Friday and I’d have a nice new bathroom. Duh! Six weeks later (they were supposed to have originally started work on 9 October [it’s 15 November today] but the fitters had f****d up) and I’ve still not got even a functioning bathroom, let alone a finished one, or even a nearly finished one.


Update #3
Dragon Lady from the fitters rings at 12:35 and says I’ve rescheduled, the earliest I can get someone there is Friday mid-morning, I’ve got someone round your way first thing, he can come after.

I say okay then. She says will you be there? I say no need, he can just come through the window your other dickhead plumber left open.

Okay, I didn’t say that. I say yes, oh but do I need to be, you have keys, I gave them to Danny, did he drop them back round your office? She says she’s not sure, she’ll double check. I say but it’s best I’m there anyway, I’ll be there, what’s the latest he’ll be there? She says she’ll book him in for between 11 and 12.

I tell my boss a plumber’s coming Friday mid-morning. He says what does that mean? I say it means I need Friday morning off. Boss not happy. Oops. I can’t go another weekend without a bath though. Boss appreciates that B&Q are wankers (his words) and says it’s fine, no need to book the time off, just come in when I can. Friday afternoon is going to be v. stressful at work, bah, but fingers crossed though that at least I can go home to a nice hot bath.

Update #4
Alan rings at 2:17 and says the fitters say they’re coming to you Friday pm, is that right? I say yes, but between 11 and 12, hopefully. I say obviously it’s not ideal but better than Monday afternoon but I’ve had to take Friday morning off and my boss isn’t very happy about it. He says oh dear.

I say I’m probably jumping the gun a bit, but after the bath is installed, is work going to carry on until it’s finished? He says yes. I say but they probably haven’t got anyone booked in for Monday but anyway, it’s probably best to see if the bath does get installed and then worry about the rest of the work. He says yes that’s probably best but the fitters have said that they’ve got a tiler arranged. Like I believe what the fitters say. I just hope they turn up on time.

Can everyone send good vibes my way and pray that my bath gets installed on Friday. Ta.

Oh, but this is good:

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