B&Q bathroom installation – day 21

Rick the tiler turns up at 8 and I say you got a lot done yesterday, I wasn’t expecting it to be painted, thanks. He says yes, it’s a shame there weren’t enough tiles or they’d have been finished too.

He says has anyone contacted me about getting the floor done? I say no. He says he should be just about finished today and he’ll ring his office and see if they’re sending someone to do the floor, and when the floor and skirting board is down, he can come back to paint them, then someone should be round to finish off all the other jobs that need doing.

He asks me if I wanted him to lock the bottom lock yesterday, he says he just pulled the front door shut because he didn’t know whether to lock it or not and put the keys through the letterbox. I say it was fine just pulling it shut but if he could lock the mortise today that would be great.

Wow, the fitters sending me someone security conscious. Amazing.

Will update with pics later when I get home and see my tiled and painted bathroom 🙂

I get home to find a note from Rick. It says “Be careful when opening bathroom door, handle will hit glass screen. Some sort of door stop is needed to stop hitting glass. Either on top of door (closer) or side of bath.”

Hmm, so I’m going to need to have some kind of big rubber protrusion sticking out of the side of the bath? Nice.

The note continues “Can you see B&Q to get these parts as they are missing. Also you have’nt [sic] got an end panel for your bath. Underlay is needed for your floor and some edging.”

Oh great, my basin can’t be installed completely until I get the parts he’s circled for me on the note, hopefully they’ll be in stock, think I’ll take a trip to see Maryam at the store tomorrow to see if she can help. Buying underlay and edging I can do without, I just spent another £100 yesterday on tiles because it hadn’t been measured properly in the first place and now Riaz the designer shows he f**ked up once again in by not factoring in underlay. If he’s in the store tomorrow I might have to punch him.

Anyway, I go upstairs to check out what’s been happening today. Rick has finished the painting and very nice it is too. The pipes behind the toilet have been boxed in, which is a nice finishing touch that I wasn’t expecting. But, there’s another note on top of the new ceiling light box that says “Hallo [sic] Miss. New light fitting is not suitable for bathroom. It is very dangerous to use this light. Replaced only switch for u [sic]. You need to buy light suitable for zone 3 – bathroom. Thank you, electrician.” He’s even drawn a picture to show bathroom zones, but they mean fuck all to me.

F’in hell. I asked in B&Q when I bought the light if it was ok to use in the bathroom. Man in store even disappeared for fifteen minutes to find someone to ask. Did he just nip out for a cigarette then came back and said yes, it’s fine for the bathroom?

Also, the shower screen is up, but there’s dirt on it that I can’t get off. Oh joy.

And I take back this morning what I said about the fitters sending someone who is security conscious. After Rick asking me if I wanted him to lock the mortise lock, he didn’t bother and either him or the electrician left the bathroom window open. And not only did they leave it open but they opened it themselves with their own key, the sneaky bastards, because after Alan the plumber left it open, I locked it and hid the key.


Here’s today’s progress pics (along with a pic of the dirty shower screen and the electrician’s note), anyway:

God of B&Q, I hate you.


Update #2
There’s a message on my answerphone from Kay at the installation centre. She says the fitters have told her I’m missing some parts for my basin. She says the suppliers can’t send the parts out as they come from China, so what they’re going to do is send me a whole new basin and the fitters can take the parts from that then take the basin away and it’s coming on Tuesday. So I’ve got to take a day off on Tuesday to wait in for a delivery? Oh my boss will be pleased. I’m not a plumber but the parts in the pic that Rick has circled (see pic below) just look like normal plumbing bits to me. They don’t have them in the store? F’in hell.

And I thought when I return the shower screen, I’d get a folding one as this one doesn’t move and the shower spray only just about reaches far enough past the screen but not really comfortable so I looked in the brochure and it says that all their screens open outwards 90 degrees and there’s even a diagram showing it next to the screen that I have got. Well, my screen doesn’t move so Rick (or whoever did it) must have fitted it wrong.


Do these look like special parts that can only be got in China?


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