B&Q bathroom installation – day 23

I get to work to find a voicemail message from Louise at the fitters saying that B&Q had called them to say they were delivering to me by courier a new sink so they can get the bolts out of it and can I let them know asap when I’ve got it.

At 9:45 I ring the installation centre and speak to Jackie and ask her what time the delivery’s coming tomorrow.  She says I have an emergency delivery and it’ll be between 8am and 6pm.  I say that’s no good, I have to have it first thing, I can’t take any time off work.  She says she’ll find out if they can give a more specific time and will call me back.


Jackie calls back at 10:35 and says that the person dealing with the delivery isn’t in ’til 11:30 and will call me back then. 

I ask if the end panel for the bath will be delivered at the same time as I’ve been waiting ages for it.  She says she’ll check.

I say the fitters left my window open again on Friday.  She says the bathroom window?  I say yes and they’ve done it before, it’s not the first time.  She says she’ll speak to their manager.

This is week five now, what happened to “it’ll be finished in four or five days”?

At 1:30 Jackie from the installation centre leaves a message on my mobile to say that Paul from the Waltham Forest store will call me to say what time the delivery will be.

For fuck’s sake.  I was in the store on Saturday, if they keep the basins in stock there, why couldn’t they just give me the parts I need then?  I even said to Maryam and Azhar, don’t you have these in stock?  There’s no way I’m sitting in for up to ten hours to take delivery of a washer and a nut when I can walk round the corner and go and get them myself.  Why are they insistent on delivering me a whole new basin, for the fitters to take the parts they need, and then for the fitter to take the basin away again?  That’s another three days wasted, I could have gone to the store on my way home from work Friday night if they’d telephoned me and said come and collect these very small parts that will fit in your pocket, instead of we’re going to make you piss your boss off by having another day off work and you have to wait in from 8am until 6pm so we can deliver a whole new basin that you don’t actually need.


Update #2
No one’s rung me by 4:30 so I ring Jackie at the installation centre.  She says Paul the duty manager at the store was going to call me, he’s probably still there, she’ll give him a ring.

Jackie rings back a few minutes later and says he’s left for the evening and she’ll ring him at 8:30 tomorrow morning but the delivery will be between 10:30 and 6pm.  I say I won’t be there, I’ll be at work.  I say, if it’s coming from the store, can’t I go go round there and get the bits I need.  She says yes, tomorrow?  I say tomorrow evening, can they ring me to say who I should ask for when I get there to get the parts.  She says it’ll probably be at the services desk but she’ll ring them tomorrow to arrange it.  Yeah right, like Riaz was going to leave a waste out for me, the lying twat.

I go to B&Q on the way home and get the edging for the floor.  I obviously look very helpless on the bus carrying three 2 metre lengths of wood and a bathroom cabinet that I decided I needed to buy and a kind man lets me have his chair and another kind man holds the edging while I sit down.  Aah, bless.


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