B&Q bathroom installation – day 25

Louise from the fitters rings at 8:20 and says Clive’s coming down to you this morning, are you going to be there, or is there a key left out? I say you said he was coming first thing. She says he had to come into the office first to drop off some paperwork and then he’s got to drive down the A127 (or something like that) and it’s absolutely chocca(sp?), I’ve just come down it and I was late for work.

I say how long is he going to be? She says well I think they’ve closed the road off. I say I don’t know anything about roads, just minutes, what time will he be here? She says an hour, an hour and a half. I say ok then, I’ll be here ’til 10. She says that’s great.

Grr, luckily my boss is going to be late with his own builder problems and he knows I’m waiting for a carpenter this morning, so hopefully I won’t get into trouble by coming in over an hour late.


Still, the more they piss me off, the more determined I am to get as much compensation as I can.


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No sign of Clive by 9:55 and the train leaves at 10:07 so I think sod it and go to work and just as I’m locking the front door, he pulls up outside my house. I say that’s good timing and let him in. I show him where the flooring and the bathroom are and say I’m going to have to leave you to it, I have to rush. He says ok, fine, thanks for waiting.

I have once again locked the bathroom window and hidden the key, if I come home and find the bathroom window open, they’re in trouble.

Update #2
Louise from the fitters rings me at 2:30 and says she’s had a call from Clive and he’s done everything he can but there’s not enough flooring, they didn’t take wastage into consideration. She says she’s ordered me some more flooring and also there wasn’t enough edging so she’s ordered me another one of those and has also ordered the end panel for the bath that I’m missing. I say that’s great, thanks, will B&Q let me know when they’re going to be delivered? She says they’re supposed to be ringing her back this afternoon but she hasn’t heard from them yet but by all means chase them up.

She also says can I leave a note to let them know where I want the cabinets put up. I tell her that I’ve changed the ceiling light as the electrician said it wasn’t suitable. She says oh yes, I remember, it wasn’t suitable for the bathroom. I say no but I did ask in the store when I bought it if it was but obviously it’s not but I’ve got another one now.

She says she’s ordered everything I need and when it’s arrived, to let her know and she’ll send someone round to finish off my bathroom.

Hmm, why are they suddenly being so efficient and ordering stuff for me, instead of leaving me notes telling me to get down to the store myself? Could it be because it’s near the end of the job and they’re going to want me to sign it off so they can get paid? Na, couldn’t be that, could it?

Update #3
I get home and there is new flooring in my bathroom, hurrah!  The window hasn’t been left open, nothing’s been damaged and the rubbish has been cleared away.  Hmm, they don’t seem to have fucked anything up today (apart from being two hours late).  This confuses me.

Looky, it’s a new floor 🙂


  • This B&Q saga is just epic. I dont watch soaps anymore.

  • Classic! Thanks Phil, now everyone at work has wondered why I’ve just burst out laughing 🙂

  • Has the cat jumped off the bath on to the toilet yet?

    Perhaps you could the B&Q saga televised.

  • No, she hasn’t yet. She’s probably confused as to why the lid is down, I don’t usually bother, but this one has a hydraulic action and closes itself, so it amuses me to close it 🙂

    Then again, my cat is just a floozy and wants to be in all the pics 🙂

  • Hi, I am a bathroom fitter and regularly get called out by exasperated customers of B&Q to sort out their fitting shambles.

    One thing that always amazes me – apart from the poor workmanship, missing parts and poor quality goods ( if that alone is not enough ) is the sky high prices charged by B&Q installations. Way more than anyone else would charge, and I do some pretty high-class installations for wealthy customers.

    However I am so fed up with waiting for missing B&Q parts that I now refuse to fit or rectify any B&Q kitchens or bathrooms.

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