Get outta the way!

In keeping with this week’s finely tuned athlete stylee type behaviour (yeah ok, it’s only Wednesday), I went out for another run tonight and four people stopped to let me go past them.  Either I was looking like a serious athlete; they thought I was too fat to get past them; they’d seen me steamroller into the contents of the mosque that spilled out onto the pavement the other week; or they were just polite people.  More considerate than the two cyclists on the pavement that nearly rode into me.  People cycling on the pavement should be shot.  You might think that’s a bit harsh, but I disagree.  If not shot, then cut their feet off so they can’t reach the pedals.

Now I am off to continue my week of being a finely tuned athlete and open the bottle of wine that’s in the fridge while I make my dinner of roasted peppers with mushroom couscous, yum.

Miles: 2.63
Total time: 28:17
Average pace: 10:45 minute/mile
Average speed: 5.5mph
Max speed: 6.8mph
Total calories: 244
Weather: 57F
Considerate people letting me go past: 4
Inconsiderate cyclists on the pavement: 2

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