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Continuing the 80s children’s TV shows theme, this Saturday morning I swapped my bed for a run, although not as early as I was hoping I was going to wake up. My Garmin sprang into action this morning in the time it took me to think “I wish those bastards would stop chucking rubbish into my garden” and so off I went and bloody hell it was cold and windy, I almost gave up by the time I got to the bridge, but that would have been incredibly feeble – even for me – as it’s only about 20 yards down the road.

Thought going back for my parka and gloves wasn’t going to help my running so I carried on and decided to brave the marshes and took my camera with me, which was just as well, as I was a complete wimp today and did a lot of walking in between running a bit. The first photo opportunity was in the form of these birdies:

Then I stopped again a few yards down the road to take a pic of this sculpture, don’t know what it is, and can’t remember what it said. I’ll take a better look next time.

And here’s the Coppermill, it’s 200 years old. If you’re very bored, you can find out more about it here.

And just as I’m getting near the bridge where the girl was attacked, just to make me even more scared, there’s a big yellow sign there appealing for witnesses.

Should have worn my heart monitor today, would have found out my max rate at the speed I went through the bridge at that point.

Still, through the bridge and we get to a nice bit of scenery on the right.

Shame the view on the left’s not so pretty.

But then, hurrah, here are the cows. I like cows. It’s a shame there’s no penguins over the marshes as I like penguins even more than I like cows. Still, it’s probably best that I don’t get too excited, so maybe it’s for the best that there aren’t any penguins over there. Shame though.

And here’s the cow that’s always on its own. I want to know why it’s always on its own. Is it just a miserable old git, or did it piss off the other cows?

Here are the cows playing stare outs.

My legs aren’t this long, honest.

Then I got up to the horses.

And then chickened out and went back on to the road, therefore saving me going over the scary footbridge here

There you go. That’s how to train. Stop every few yards to take pictures of nothing in particular.

I promise to go running more next week. I didn’t go this week but in my defence, on Tuesday I went to see this play so at least it was about running, which is almost the same as doing it, right?

Miles: 3.62
Total time: 48:03
Average pace: 13:17 minute/mile
Average speed: 4.5mph
Max speed: 8.6mph
Total calories: 387
Weather: 50F
Birdies: Lots
Sculptures: 1
Coppermills: 1
Signs appealing for witnesses: 1
Cows: 4
Horses: 2
Sultans of Ping – Psychopath
PJ Harvey – Teclo
OST 8 Mile – Battle
Hot Chip – Down With Prince
Half Man Half Biscuit – Bottleneck at Capel Curig
The Fall – The Knight, The Devil and Death
Daisy Chainsaw – Room Eleven
Cardiacs – All Spectacular
Blondie – Heart of Glass
Babyshambles – Fuck Forever
The Au Pairs – Come Again


  • Nice one Tiswas 😀

    I like the way that the Police have put blood on to the sign to make it even more menacing!

  • Heh heh, I only noticed the spooky blood effect when I looked at the pic, probably just as well 🙂

  • Great post. Loved the pictures. Im gonna take my camera with me on my next run. After joggerblogger posted that grafiti pic ive been on the hunt for somthing like that around here but i live in a so called resort town where the average age is around 197 so stuff like that and your assault thing are lacking but i will see what i can come up with.

  • Thanks, believe it or not, this blog used to be about running and not b and bloody q 😉

    I think I’d rather live where the average age was 197 if it was between that and the chance of being assaulted. There’s been two more attacks locally since that one in October 🙁

    I take my camera over the marshes as although I live here, I still find it hard to believe that there’s a nature reserve so near. You’d never believe it if you were just walking round the streets, a hidden treasure 🙂

  • Ive only been living here for ….well 1 year exactly nearly to the day. We both moved from a right old rough place down south. The novelty of living in a low crime area still has’nt worn off. In the local paper broken car mirrors make the news 🙂

  • It’s not that rough, there’s far rougher places not that far away. Saying that though, I don’t know what a low crime area is? Can your wife actually walk about at night and feel 100% safe? Where did you live before?

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